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My dear Cuffe Paradian,

It gives me great pleasure in presenting you, your Web Site www.cpramumbai.com

As you are aware that Cuffe Parade Resident Association [CPRA] is a non-Government citizen’s
organization looking after and protecting the interest of entire Cuffe Parade neighbourhood since 1971 when the land reclaimed from seabecame prestigious residential area and was named Cuffe Parade,whose 

skyline today is a recognized face of not only Bombay but of entire country as no other Residential Area could be recognized as easily as Cuffe Parade by just seeing picture of its beautiful Skyline.

CPRA is a registered Public Trust and a democratic organization of the residents of the area. Communication is the first and foremost important foundation for any organization and its democratic set-up to succeed. There is no better way to communicate between any organization and its member in a transparent manner in the present time as through its own Web Site Portal.

I am sure the CPRA Web Site will provide a comprehensive platform for smooth communication, brain- storming and a helping hand to all of us to further the objects of our association so as to make Cuffe Parade, one of the most distinguished residential area.

A word of encouragement, guidance and suggestion will help us improve the web site and will always be welcome.

With sincere regards and season’s greetings.




The Cuffe Parade Residents Association (CPRA) is a Social Organization registered with the Registrar of Societies and a Public Trust registered with the Bombay Charity Commission.

This Association is established with the object of providing social and civic amenities and to secure CLEAN, NEAT and HEALTHY environment to the residents of Cuffe parade area.

Following Awards have been received by CPRA from time to time:

Due to the Environment and Beautification work carried out in the Cuffe Parade area “Citizens Citation Award” was received by CPRA from “Indian Heritage Society” Bombay Chapter for the exemplary efforts made by CPRA for the betterment and improvement of civic condition and the environment of the city.


Consolation Prize for “Community Beautification Project Award” in the year 1988-89 from “Bombay Citizens Committee”.


Rotating Trophy donated by “Bombay Citizens Committee” through the hands of Smt. Maneka Gandhi, the then Union Minister of Environment at a special function held on 05.05.1990, for the area being adjudged in Best for “Area Beautification & Cleanliness for 1989-90”.


Award from “Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry” for the best maintained Garden in the year 1997. This Award was presented by no less a person than the finance Minister, Hon’ble Shri P. Chidambaram, at a function held at Taj Mahal Hotel in 1996-97.



WHEREAS in the year 1971 certain farsighted residents of the Cuffe Parade locality got together to resolve the common problems of the locality and started an association called the CUFFE PARADE RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION (CPRA) under the Presidentship of Shri Sohrab Khan AND WHEREAS more and more members joined the said Association in the years to follow, and the Association became a potent organ to be reckoned with by the Government of Maharashtra, the Bombay Municipal Corporation and the various authorities such as the Collector of Bombay, the Commissioner of Police, the Mayor of Bombay; AND WHEREAS it is now considered expedient that the said Association should be formed into a legally recognised society with legal entity and got registered under the SOCIETIES REGISTRATION ACT, 1860 so that it could sue or be sued on its own name and be able to function more effectively for the attainment of its aims and objects which are essentially charitable and humanitarian in nature, AND NOW THEREFORE the under mentioned signatory members of the present Executive Committee of the said Association subscribe their hands to this MEMORANDUM and the RULES set out hereafter 



The name of the Society shall be Cuffe Parade Residents Association, hereafter referred to as the Association, and shall have its registered office in the city of Bombay.


The area of operation of the Association and / or the limits of the locality described herein as “Cuffe Parade Locality” shall be the area lying around the south of the junction of the two roads named Cuffe Parade Road, (Capt. Prakash Pethe Marg) and Wodehouse Road, bounded on East by and inclusive of Wodehouse Road, on the West by the sea and on south by the boundaries of the military and cantonment area.


The object of the Association shall be the social and civic amelioration of the residents of the Cuffe Parade locality, more particularly defined hereafter, to secure to such residents a clean and healthy locality with best possible civic amentities, such as public parks, gardens, open spaces, play-grounds, childrens’ parks, schools, libraries, reading rooms, roads, drainage, sewerage, street lighting, police protection, shopping centers, car parks and proper security and the like AND for such purposes take necessary steps to secure cleanliness, scavenging, removal of nuisance, and of encroachment, and of unauthorized hutments, proper and adequate traffic control, protection against loss by fire and elimination of socially undesirable elements like goondas, rruffians, pick-pockets and to have an effective voice in the development of the Backbay Reclamation Scheme so that adequate arrangmenets are provided therein for proper town-planning, laying of public roads, underground tube-railways, green belts, gardens and recreation grounds and provision for adequate water and electric supply and avoidance of over-crowding, prevention of pollution and to provide legal aid and advice when possible to the residents who have grievances to redress with the governmental and semi-governmental authorities; AND for these purposes and ends to approach the Government and semi-government authorities like the Collector of Bombay, Commissioner of Police, Municipal Commissioner, and to spend the funds at its disposal for the general welfare, uplift and well-being of the public at large and particularly the residents of the Cuffe Parade locality.


The funds of the Association shall be formed by the voluntary and philanthropic donations, membership fees and the funds already held by the Association prior to its registration which shall be transferred to the Association as now registered.


The management and control of the Association shall be in the hands of a governing body, designated Executive Committee, which shall be duly elected from amongst the members of the Association in the manner provided in the Rules set out hereafter.


The first Executive Committee shall consist of the signatories to this Memorndum who shall hold office until the return of the new Executive Committee by election as provided in the Rules.

(a) No change in this Memorandum shall be effected except in the manner provided by Section 12 of the Societies Registration Act, 1860.

Without prejudice to what has been stated in sub-clause (a) above, it appears to the Executive Committee that it is advisable to alter, extend or abridge such objects as stated above, or amalgamate the Association either wholly or partially with any other society, it shall submit the proposal to the members of the Association in writing and shall convene a special general meeting for the consideration thereof. Such proposal shall be delivered or sent by post under certificate of posting to every member of the Association at least 10 days prior to the special general meeting. No such proposal shall be carried into effect unless three-fifths to the total number of the members of the Association present at the meeting vote in favour of its adoption.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF we set our respective hands this 23rd day of December 1975 :

Sl. No Name Address Occupation Designation


B.N. Adarkar Goolestan,
New Cuffe Parade,
Bombay-400 005



Date: 25th December 1975




Advocate, Supreme Court,
121, Mehr-Dad,
Cuffe Parade, Colaba,
Bombay-400 005



Following Awards have been received by CPRA from time to time:

In these Rules, unless the context otherwise demands, the following expressions shall have the meaning assigned to them as under :


‘Act’ means the Societies Registration Act, 1860, as amended in Maharashtra.

(b) ‘Association’ shall mean the Cuffe Parade Residents Association.

‘Chairman’, ‘President”, ‘Vice President’, Hon. Secretary General’, ‘Joint Secretary’, ‘Controller of Accounts’, ‘Member’, shall mean respectively, the Chairman, the President, Vice President, Hon. Secretary General Joint Secretary, Controller of Accounts and Member of the Cuffe Parade Residents Association. Chairman shall be the person who presides over any General Meeting or the Meeting of the Executive Committee.


‘Cuffe Parade locality’ shall mean the area south of the junction of Wodehouse Road, and Cuffe Parade Road, bounded on East by and inclusive of the Wodehouse Road and on West by sea and on south by the military cantonment.


‘Executive Committee’ shall mean the governing council of the Association duly elected by the members in accordance with these Rules.


Financial Year shall mean a period of 12 months from 1st April to 31st March.


‘General Body’ means all the existing members of the Association entitled to vote.


‘Prescribed’ means prescribed under these Rules by the Executive Committee from time to time.

(i) ‘Registrar’ means the Registrar appointed under the Act.

‘Resident’ would mean a person having actual residence within the Cuffe Parade locality or having any business establishment within the same locality and would also include juridical persons like corporate bodies, satisfying the aforesaid requirement.


Masculine gender will connote feminine gender, and singular will connote plural, if the context so demands.



The Association shall consist of persons who have been enrolled as members and whose names are set out in the Schedule annexed hereto and who may be enrolled as such members hereafter and who shall continue to be members for the time being in accordance with the Rules.


Subject to the provisions of these Rules, every person having attained the age of 18 and of sound mind and otherwise sui juris shall be eligible for membership of the Association.


Subject to the provisions of these Rules, juridical persons like corporate bodies, partnership firms, societies registered under the Society Registration Act. 1860, Co-operative Societies and companies duly incorporated a such under the law for the time being in force shall also be eligible for membership of the Association.


No person whether real or juridical shall be entitled to be taken as member of the Association merely because he or it posses the requisite qualification for being eligible as member of the Association.


Every person intending to be member of the Association shall make an application in writing in the prescribed form accompanied by the prescribed membership fee, duly proposed by one existing member of the Association.


The Executive Committee shall be the sole authority to accept or reject any application for membership. The membership fee received along with the application shall be refunded in full to the rejected applicant against a valid receipt.


In case of real persons any number of members shall be taken from a family. The ‘family’ in this rule shall be restricted to the following persons only viz., person ‘A’, his dependent parents, his dependent son, his dependent wife, his unmarried or dependent daughter, his dependent bother or dependent sister.


No person shall be eligible to become a member of the Association if he is not a resident of the Cuffe Parade locality. Every person ceasing to be a resident of the Cuffe Parade locality shall cease to be a member of the Association. The decision of the Executive Committee shall be final and conclusive as to whether a person is or is not a resident or has ceased to b a resident of the Cuffe Parade locality.


Every person who is in arrears of subscription for more than two years will be eligible to be removed from membership, but until so removed he shall be liable to pay to the Association the arrears of membership fees until he is removed, or has retired or died.


Only such corporate bodies including partnership firms shall be entitled to become members of the Association as own properties or business in the Cuffe Parade locality. Such corporate bodies and firms shall appoint from time to time a representative of theirs authorizing him to participate on their behalf in the affair of Association.


(i) The Executive committee may invite meritorious persons to become honorary members of the Association and without any obligation to pay any subscription but with full right of voting. Any such honorary member may be removed from honorary membership at the discretion of the Executive Committee and shall stand retired at the end of the term of the Executive Committee.
(ii). ‘Chairman Emeritus’, a past President or a Past member of the Executive Committee of the Cuffe Parade Residents Association, who has made outstanding contribution for the development and welfare of the Cuffe Parade locality with devotion and dedication may be conferred the honours of being designated as ‘Chairman Emeritus’, provided the Executive Committee, passes a Resolution by majority for conferring this honour. This designation will lapse with the termination of the tenure of the Executive Committee conferring this designation. Sitting members of the Executive Committee are not eligible for this title.


The membership fee shall be fixed from time to time by the Executive Committee. Yearly membership fee shall expire at the end of each financial year irrespective of the time of its payment.


The membership fees fixed by the Executive Committee shall not be changed during the same financial year.


No member shall be entitled to vote, propose or second if he is in arrears of membership fee for more than 3 months.


No member shall be entitled to contest an election as a candidate for membership of the Executive Committee if he is an arrears of his membership fees, which shall be payable in advance for every financial year.


A corporate member including a firm shall be entitled to cast only one vote and shall be entitled to have only one authorized person appointed by it to act on the Executive Committee in case of its being a successful candidate at an election.


The Executive Committee shall hold office for three consecutive financial years and until the newly elected Executive Committee takes over, the Executive Committee in office for the time being shall convene an Annual General Meeting within six months of the close of each Financial year unless otherwise directed by the General body by a special resolution.


The notice of such meeting shall be given in writing to all members at least 15 days in advance of the proposed General Body Meeting. The notice shall specify the agenda of the proposed business to be transacted and shall state, if necessary, that fresh elections will be held. It shall also state the time and place of such meeting.


It shall be the duty of the Executive Committee to place before the Annual General Meeting, the accounts of the preceding financial year duly audited by a Chartered Accountant and along with the audit report in the usual form adopted by companies registered under the Companies Act. Such accounts shall be kept open for inspection for a least 15 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.


(i) The Executive Committee shall determine the number of the members of the Executive Committee to be elected within the limit prescribed by Rule 22 hereafter. The Executive Committee shall invite nominations in the prescribed forms from the member proposing to contest elections to the Executive Committee as soon after the close of every three financial years, such that in the notice calling the Annual General Meeting in such year of election the names of the proposed candidates are disclosed. The nomination forms shall be proposed and seconded by two members of the Association. The forms would be scrutinized by the Executive Committee and those candidates whose forms are rejected on scrutiny shall be informed in writing as soon as possible of such rejection together with the reasons therefore.
(ii) If a member of the Executive Committee remains absent from three consecutive meetings of the Executive Committee without obtaining leave of absence, he shall be liable to be removed from the membership of the Executive Committee by a resolution passed by simple majority of the Executive Committee, provided however that sufficient opportunity to such member for being heard personally before such removal shall be given.


The Executive Committee shall comprise of 30 members – 15 members elected, by holding election every three years and 15 members nominated by the Corporate Members from cluster of buildings who are Corporate Members provided members nominated are members of the respective Managing Committees of their buildings. On election of the 15 elected members and 15 nominated by the Corporate members, will form the executive committee for the period of 3 years. At the inaugural meeting of the Executive Committee, members will elect the President of CPRA, by a secret – ballot and elect other office bearers, viz. One Vice President, one Secretary General, one Joint Secretary and one Controller of Accounts. But the Executive Committee may appoint from amongst its members more than one Vice Presidents, Joint Secretaries and Joint Controller of Accounts. The grouping of buildings into clusters may be decided by the Executive Committee.


In addition to the limit prescribed in Rule 22 hereinabove, the Executive Committee shall have the power to co-opt not more than five members of its choice on the Executive Committee even in cases where the Executive Committee at a given point of time falls below the minimum number prescribed in the foregoing Rule. Every co-opted member shall have the same rights and privileges as an elected member. Provided, however, that the co-opted members shall be the member of the Association. The Executive Committee shall have the power to fill up any casual vacancies as and when they fall vacant by such co-option.


The election shall be held by secret ballot and would be governed by the regulations prescribed by the Executive Committee.


The General Body shall directly elect 15 members of the Executive Committee on the formation of the Executive Committee as outlined in Rule 22. The newly formed Executive Committee will elect the office Bearers as specified in Rule 22. On the Post of President falling vacant, the senior most Vice President shall act and officiate as a President unless a new President is elected by the Executive Committee from its Members for the unexpired period of its term.


The constitution of the Executive Committee shall be as laid down in Rule 21. The Executive Committee shall be the governing body of the Association as defined in Sec. 16 of the Act. The Executive Committee shall hold at least 4 meetings in every financial year.


The banking accounts of the Association shall be jointly operated upon by any two office bearers, one of which shall be the Controller of Accounts. In the absence of the Controller of Accounts, the bank accounts may be operated by any two office bearers.


It shall be the duty of the Hon. Secretary General to call the meetings of the Executive Committee and of the General Body and to keep full and complete minutes of such meetings.


A list of the members of the Executive Committee setting out their names, addresses and occupations shall be filed with the Registrar within 14 days of the election of the Executive Committee, and within two months of the changes, if any, in the constitution of the Executive Committee if it takes place any time mid-term during any financial year.


The statutory duties required to be performed under the Act and particularly relating to the dealings with an intimations to the Registrar shall be discharged by the Hon.Secretary General.


The Executive Committee shall act like a board of trustees of a charitable trust. The property of the Association, movable or immovable shall vest in the Executive Committee.


The Association shall sue or be sued either in the name of the Hon. Secretary General or the Joint Secretary acting as such for an on behalf of the Association.


The Executive Committee shall hold at least four meetings in every Financial Year. Such Meetings shall be convened by a Notice in writing issued by the Hon. Secretary General and / or the Joint Secretary setting out therein the time and place of such Meetings and the Agenda thereof.


The President and in his absence any Vice-President, or in his absence any member of the Executive Committee as may be decided at the spot shall preside over the meetings of the Executive Committee and the General Body and in that capacity he shall be known as the Chairman of the meeting concerned.


The minutes of the meetings of the Executive Committee and of the General Body shall be maintained accurated by the Hon.Secretary General and shall be read out and confirmed at the next following meeting and in token whereof shall be signed by the person who acts as the Chairman of that meeting.


At the request of one-tenth of the total members of the Association or thirty member, whichever is lower, expressed in writing of by order of the Executive Committee, the Hon. Secretary General shall convene a special General Meeting of the General Body for transacting only such business as may be specified in the requisition made by the members or in the order of the Executive Committee.


At least 10 clear days notice shall be given in writing of every special General Meeting to all the members of the Association together with an intelligible agenda.


The quorum of the General Body Meeting shall be ten percent of the members entitled to vote and of the Executive Committee one fourth of the members called to the meeting by a proper notice. However, for amending the Rules and Regulations mentioned herein, the quorum of the duly notified General Body should be at least one-third. In th absence of the required quorum the meeting shall stand adjourned for half an hour, and thereafter it shall be lawful to transact any business even without the required quorum.


With the permission of the Chairman of the Annual General Meeting and the Executive Committee Meeting, it shall be lawful to introduce a new item on the agenda and to take a decision in respect thereof.


On an adjourned meeting the requirement as to quorum shall not apply and the resolutions adopted at the adjourned meetings shall be effective and binding notwithstanding that requisite quorum was not formed.


Any amendment to the existing Rules and Regulations shall be effected by the General Body by simple majority vote.


The Executive Committee shall maintain regular accounts in a form as may be got approved of from the Registrar. The Executive Committee may make regulations regarding the manner of maintaining accounts.


The Accounts shall be audited by a Chartered Accountant within the meaning of Chartered Accountants Act, 1949.


A balance sheet and income and expenditure account together with the auditor’s report shall be forwarded to the Registrar as soon as practicable after they are adopted and approved by the General Body.


The General Body may dissolve the Association by a majority of not less than three-fifth of the members of the Association present at the meeting voting for its dissolution in Special General Meeting specifically convened for such purpose.


The General Body shall determine by a resolution the steps to be taken for the disposal and settlement of the properties of the Association and shall lay down the manner and method of discharging the liabilities of the Association.


Any surplus remaining with the Association on its dissolution and after discharging its liabilities as aforesaid shall not be paid or distributed among the members of the Association, but shall be given to any other society or association having similar charitable objects or to the State Government for application to charitable objects as may be determined by the General Body in the resolution dissolving the Association, or in default as the competent authority may decide on an application being made under S. 14 of the Act in that behalf.


All notices required to be given under these Rules shall be either delivered to the person concerned or to his authorized agent or to an adult member of his family or to his servant and agent against signed acknowledgement obtained in that behalf or sent by pre-paid post under certificate of posting or by registered post.


The Executive Committee may from time to time make regulations or issue standing orders having the force of these Rules, provided however such regulations and orders are restricted to the matters dealt with specifically in these Rules and are intended to carry into effect the intention herein expressed explicitly or impliedly.

Sl. No Name Address Occupation Designation


B.N. Adarkar Goolestan,
New Cuffe Parade,
Bombay-400 005
   And 25 others

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